Thinking of Selling

  • Thinking of Selling

We have bought, remediated and resold a number of properties in various locations across North America. The market is changing and your property has to stand out from the competition. If you would like to discuss some cost effective improvements with good impact for a potential buyer, Enchant Management Ltd. has a solution for you.

Before you put your house up for sale, you need to determine what repairs are needed in the home and make them. Historically, buyers will want to negotiate two dollars for every dollar of reported deficiencies. Just think of having to drop your listing price by the amount equal to twice as much as the cost of all the repairs needed in your home! It can really add up. The bottom line is by eliminating the issues that buyers may want to negotiate is win-win for both buyers and sellers.

Apart from making the repairs, you might want to consider renovating the place. The top 3 renovation projects are: the installation of hardwood flooring, followed by the installation of kitchen cupboards and the remodelling of the bathroom. Real estate agents always place a premium on these types of renovations and the fact is, they help generate faster sales and higher prices.

To have a pre-selling inspection done to determine what would maximize the resale value your property, give Enchant Management Ltd. a call at 403-669-9796 or email