Many people totally ignore their furnace...until it stops working. When your furnace goes out, you'll want an experienced professional's help to make sure you don't make the problem worse! Repair or replace? Will repairing your furnace cost you more overtime than replacing it?
We provide the highest level of quality in furnace repairs, and all jobs are performed by knowledgeable technicians. Our staff members all have years of experience so you can put our knowledge to work for you.

First and foremost, we need to determine the overall condition of the unit. If your furnace doesnt keep your home as warm as it used to, or if your costs are on the rise because it consistently takes more energy to do the same job, it may be time to replace your furnace.

Buying a new furnace is a substantial investment and these are the questions you might need to take into consideration:
- Is your furnace correctly sized?
- Are you buying an appropriately efficient furnace?
- Are you getting the best price for your furnace?

This image shows the way we install furnaces to improve their energy efficiency. It is just that extra step we take with everything we do to separate ourselves from the competition.


A hot water boiler is an appliance used to heat water for a hydronic heating system. The hot water is distributed through the home in pipes and radiate heat into the rooms with either a steel radiator (newer homes) or cast iron radiator (older homes) or baseboard convectors or "fin-tube" (newer homes). Once the radiator or baseboard fin-tube convector is heated with the hot water, the water is returned back to the boiler to be re-heated and the water circulation loop continues. In addition to radiators, the hot water boiler is also used with radiant floor heating systems.

There are two types of boilers: gas-fired and oil-fired. New high efficiency boilers are constructed of highly durable components and deliver quite, consistent warmth. We do recommend to install gas-fired boilers, as their oil burning counterparts are higher maintenance and require regular attention to the blower and oil filter.

We maintain, repair, supply and install new boilers. Contact Enchant Management to discuss your options and get a professional advice.


There are many different models of hot water tanks with a number of different features and some are more suitable than the others due to given circumstances. What are the factors to consider when deciding on the new hot water tank?
-Fuel source: propane and natural gas water heaters / electric water heaters
-Location: The installation location must provide adequate clearance for servicing and proper operation of the water heater and should be centralized with the water piping system.
-Venting: Gas water heaters should be installed indoors as close as practical to a properly designed and sized gas vent or chimney to which the water heater is going to be connected
-Tank Capacity: A water heater's hot water delivery capability is a combination of storage capacity and its recovery rate or how much hot water it can produce in a one hour time period

.....are among the most important ones.

All water heaters should be installed or serviced so as to comply with applicable city and provincial codes. Our recommendations on repair, service, installation and the choice of the right unit for your home are backed up by 40 years of experience and certification.

To have one of our professionals advise you on the model of the unit, perform an installation of one of the above or fix a problem, call Enchant Management 403-669-9796 or email info@enchantmanagement.com