Tiles come in a variety of different materials, colors, textures and thickness categories. This versatility allows for different combinations and creation of mosaic and inserts and usage for various projects. Tile projects may include ceramic tile shower, flooring and walls in the bathroom, kitchen, hallway and or sunrooms, backsplash in the kitchen, and work surfaces.

Tile is highly scratch resistant, long lasting and requires very little care. At Enchant Management Ltd. we can help you carefully select the kind of tile that suite your installation. Factors to be considered when making a selection for your project:

  • - Thickness: Tiles resistance to wear depends on their thickness
  • - Size: Large rooms generally call for large tiles
  • - Material: Each material has its own specific look and characteristics
  • - Porousness: More porous tiles tend to absorb dirt more easily and are harder to clean
  • - Texture: Matte or textured tiles reduce the risk of slips and falls

To have a long lasting installation, your tile has to be correctly chosen and professionally installed. Give Enchant Management Ltd. a call at 403-669-9796 or email at info@enchantmanagement.com to enhance the look and create custom tile finishes for your space.