Today we have a vast choice when it comes to floor coverings. Aesthetics, durability and ease of maintenance should be considered when making your flooring selection. Your choice of flooring material will likely be affected by other factors like cost, noise insulation and comfort. What are the flooring materials you can choose from?

  • Laminate: This flooring appears similar to hardwood. It is made with a plywood or medium density fiberboard ("MDF") core with a plastic laminate top layer. It is available in a variety of patterns, resembling wood or even ceramic tile.
  • Hardwood: Wood strips are available in maple, yellow birch, white ash and oak. Hardwood flooring is very resistant and requires little maintenance. Can be stained to produce a different effect and enhance appearance.
  • Parquet: Attached to a backing, small strips of wood compile a parquet tile. This type of flooring is resistant and requires little maintenance. Avoid this type of floor covering where moisture and condensation are present.
  • Bamboo: Not hardwood, but durable and environmentally friendly. The same technique is used to install bamboo as laminate flooring. Available in a variety of colors, textures and patterns.
  • Cork: This type of flooring has numerous properties: damp-proof, hypoallergenic, anti-vibration, rot and fire resistant. Recyclable. Cork flooring acts as both an acoustic and thermal barrier.
  • Tile: Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stone, slate, granite and marble. Each of these flooring material has its own characteristics and appearance.
  • Carpet: Appreciated for its comfort and durability, though hard to maintain. Available in a variety of colors and textures to suite any interior.

Other types of flooring include vinyl, decorative concrete and epoxy. All of the above mentioned floor coverings need to be installed correctly to ensure their lasting beauty and longevity. To make the right choice and amplify the look of your home, contact Enchant Management Ltd. by calling 403-669-9796 or email info@enchantmanagement.com for a professional advice.